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Welcome to Museumpark Orientalis – Heilig Land Stichting! Here the colourful world of Judaism, Christianity and Islam comes to life. Architecture and nature meet in this museum, which stretches out over 30 hectares. Experience different cultures and religions in an educative and playful way in our Jewish and Arabic village, our desert and Karavanserai, and our Roman city street.



LIVE een leeuwendans meemaken? Kom vanmiddag of morgen 18 oktober naar @MpOrientalis! Meer over #herfstvakantiehttps://t.co/APSwwlZoht
NU in Orientalis: Nijmeegse Basisschool volop aan de gang. 🏛Ochtendprogramma groep 1 t/m 8 #cultuureducatie https://t.co/tncyP0ZPTW
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The Tower of Babel


New exposition: The Orient

Exhibition Temple Festival

During the Exhibition Tempelfestival Cafe BOOM Elegance is open. For more information and reservations you can contact them by telephone no. 024-7820502 or send an email to info@elegance-catering.nl

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